Android apps are not only toys for fun, but pretty usefull while on the road.
Here's a small compilation of the best Apps we're using all the time, when traveling.

The Apps are categorized in

. Photo & Video
. Navigation
. Quadcopter | Drone Stuff
. Weather & Climate
. Camping
. Security
. Entertainment

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Adobe Lightroom is the quasi standard for editing photos on a smartphone or tablet. It's very similar to the desktop application, but of course made for mobile usage

Photo Director is another fancy photo editing tool with lots of "just click" effects... easy to use.

The Exposure Calculator lets you calculate the equivalent aperture, shutter and ISO settings. Very usefull for my Day to Night Time Lapses.

VivaVideo is a very easy to use video editor. I'm using it primarily for editing some small aerial snippets for instagram.

The original App from Panasonic gives you full control over your Panasonic Lumix Camera.
I'm using it to remote controll my Panasonic GH4, while driving and when it's mounted to the hood of the JEEP.

I'm using SunPosition for getting knowledge of sunrises and sunsets on any give day. It also displays astronomical and civil twilights, golden hour start and end, as well as solar noon. All these data, as well as the sun position too, are essentiell, if you wanna shoot so called "Day To Night Time Lapses".

When you plan to shoot a "Milky Way Time Lapse", this App is pretty usefull. It's an augmented reality app and shows you, where the Milky Way will be at any given time and day. When not in augmented reality mode, it also shows beautiful zodiacal signs as well as many other informations.

Planets is similar to Skyview and does nearly exactly the same.

Sygic is amongst others my absolute favorite navigation app. Also, because it's easy to import my personal waypoints. A more detailed article I've written here

Locus Pro is an inexpensive but great app, especially for offroad navigation. It comes with track recording and several types of maps, as well as online and offline navigaton. The im- and export function works very well.

We're using a pretty old version of Navigon on our iPhone as a fall back solution. The new versions are slow and not so intuitive anymore.

CoPilot is also a very good solution and the 2nd best navigation app we found so far. I just switched, because in the past it didn't come with a Japan map.


DJI Go is the original App for my Phantom 3 Professional. The functionality is basic, but the App is bugfix and fast.

Litchi has much more functionality than the DJI GO App. It features VR Goggles and you can predefine a flight route, which lets the drone fly totally autonomous.
Take in mind: DJI does not cover any failures which occur by this App, but don't mind: It does a perfect job! (I also own the VR Glasses in the affiliate link above and it's a great and cheap enhancement to my drone...give it a try... it's worth it and a totally new exprience!)

HD Sync just does one thing: It automatically synchronizes your flight data with "Healthy Drones".
A subscription at Healthy Drones is required, but highly recommended for every pilot!

Drones are heavily influenced by so called magentic fields, which are caused by solar activity. The KP index App shows, whether it's a good time to fly, or not. Highly recommended for every pilot!


MyRadar is like "Animated Weatermap", a worldwide map, which shows the actual temperatures in realtime. Both of those tools are similar, I use both of them, just to see how precise the given data is.

Animated Weatermap is like MyRadar", a worldwide map, which shows the actual temperatures in realtime. Both of those tools are similar, I use both of them, just to see how precise the given data is.
I like this App a little bit more, as it has nice icons showing the wind direction and cloud formations.

Worldscope Webcams is a really great App, which shows a huge amount of webcams, which are covering nearly any area of the globe. I'm primarily using this App to see, where it looks like at a specific place, before I drive there.


At the moment "Camping.Info" is all we need. As we rarely go on campsites and haven't such high demands, we are able to find nearly everywhere a nice campsite, if needed. It covers the whole Europe (24000 Campsites so far) and is very intuitive, as you can tap on a map and it zooms in and shows you all campsites in the tapped area with lots of information. The best is... it is free!

Before we used "Campsite.Info", we used ACSI., which has also been very reliable. In times, when we used it, we more often have been on campsites. But nowadays it's not free anymore, but anyway a pretty good "must have"

KeePassDroid is our ultimate Data-Safe! We're using it on our PCs too (KeePass) and it synchronizes every device via dropbox, which works perfect. It has a very strong encryption (256 bit) and works with different cryptographic algorythms. For us the best solution to keep our data safe, while we're on the road!
BubblePNP is my favorized DLNA player, when it comes to streaming. As we're using lots of different devices at home or while traveling, BubblePNP streams from one device to the other, no matter what. At home, I'm using it with a Synlogoy Media Server and together with my smartphone, I'm easily able to stream movies directly onto my Samsung TV.
 The MXPlayer Pro is a versatile multimedia player, which is able to play nearly every file format, which lies on my servers, my smartphones or my tablets and laptops. With a special codec it is even capable of decoding DTS and Dolby Digital streams. Perfect, Fast, Reliable!
 Poweramp is our audio player. Together with our JBL Charge+ Bluetooth Player it's our first choice for streaming music from smartphones, tablets or laptops to our In-Car Navigation system or our wireless Bluetooth speaker. It has dozens of options, a nice equalizer and the sound quality is outstanding. For me, the best so far!
 I've tried several photo-gallery Apps, but found this one the most versatile.

We're using all the CLOUD services below for backups of App-settings, smartphones, servers, our wordpress-installations, SQL-databases, as well of photographs and videos. We still have doubts, how secured these CLOUD solutions are, therefore we only save uncritical or highly encrypted data there.


Torque Pro is a must have for every car driver with an ECM inside his/her car and it only works together with an OBDII device. Once the device (I own an ELM327 Bluetooth Dongle) is plugged in the cars OBDII plug, Torque gives you every important information about your car.
An ab-so-lu-te-ly recommended app and the de facto most important app in my JEEP.

We're using the Total Commander also on our PC's for more than 10 years now. It's a double windowed file manager with dozens of functions and can be highly enhanced by additional plugins.
It's the so called "Swiss Army Knife" of all file-commanders, so far and works absolutely great on all smartphones and tablets.

In case of losing our documents like passports or whatever certificates, we need do be able to get access to our file-servers at home. Every single document is stored there and with the Teamviewer we are able to safely connect to our infrastructure at home.

gAnalytics is like the name says an analytics tool, to keep track of our blog. At the moment it does its job, even if we don't know, if there maybe is a better one.

Our infrastructure at home is based on several servers from Synology (overall space of 45 terabyte). Synology servers are most reliable, they're already working for years now, without any problems and DS File grants us the perfect, fast and reliable access to all of our servers... from anywhere in the world.

What Apps are you guys using?
I'm permanently seeking for useful and reliable apps and would appreciate, if you would name a few cool ones. I'm also interested in some Survival Apps, but really don't know, which ones are good or not.

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