“Natural Wonders – Above Andalusia”

In December 2015 we visited the south of Spain with our Jeep Wrangler and it was the first time, we been in Andalusia. We never expected, that it's so breathtaking in the south of Europe, but that's the reason, why we're visiting it again in Dec. 2016.

We mainly tried to stay in the wild, rather than camping and we had so much luck with finding absolutely stunning and calm places.

Andalusia is a paradise for offroaders and the POIs, we found are just endless.
It has been a little bit more difficult on the coast, but in the heartland it was pretty easy fo find good tracks and nice places.

The spanish guys are very tolerant and curious and even in national parks, where on some trails it is forbidden to drive, the National Park security led us to places, where we could do some nice aerial videos: "Your car is pretty much appropriate for this trail and at the end, there's a nice waterfall, perfect for your helicopter" ... great stuff 🙂

The temperatures in Dec. are more than welcome. It has been between 16° and 22° Celisus, rather than 42°C in the summer.

For us it was the perfect time to visit Andalusia, less tourism, much space and a perfect climate.

Whether you're visiting Andalusia with a standard car or an offroader: You'll get your money's worth!

Here are some locations, which are definitely worth a visit:

Desierto De Tabernas:
N37°0'34.03" W2°26'33.29"
(Game Of Thrones movie locations, you can stay here forever, if you wish)

Mirador Del Cochino:
N36°48'21.60" W4°23'10.33"
We stood here over New Years Eve with a breathtaking view onto Malaga...WOW!

TOP "secret": The riverbed to the Embalse De Beninar:
N36°54'35.18" W3°1'41.89"
(better have an offroader and stay here for a while... totally alone 🙂

TOP "secret": Desert at the coast:
N36°3'35.23" W5°42'43.96"
You'll definitely need a 4x4, as you will drive through a "desert". No chance with a standard car, but the rest: jeeezuz....this is my absolutely favourite...check it out!

Tipp for not wasting your time:

Stay away from the most embalses (barrier lakes), most of them are inaccessible or only accessible, if you wanna scratch your car (as we did 😉 )

"Natural Wonders - Above Andalusia"

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