MONTENEGRO – Our First “TRAVELcandy” Is Online

Finally I found some time today, to edit a small video of the most amazing places in Montenegro, which I shot with my DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter a few weeks ago.

"Montenegro" is the first candy, with which we wanna open our brand new Youtube Channel.

We spent 14 days in Montenegro, mostly offroad with our JEEP Wrangler and captured some of the most stunning places inside this absolutely beautiful country.
It's still a bit undeveloped and very calm which is great. You won't find many tourism here. The people who lives there, are quite shy, curious, but very hospitable and friendly.

We learned to love that small country and for sure we can tell, that it's under our TOP 5 in Europe.

. Durmitor National Park
. Kuck Mountains
. Risan Bay
. Tara River at Pluzine
. Curevac Canyon
. Tara River Canyon
. Tara River (-bed)

TIPP: For the Tara Riverbed you'll need to drive down to Tepca, which takes a while, but then you'll enter the "montenegrian paradise", coz everything is of absolutely beauty.
If you'll drive along the road until it's end, you can directly camp at the riverbed. It may be, that a hotel owner will visit you. He just asks for a very small fee...but it's definitely worth it!
(The road is a gravel road, so accessbile by a standard car, a SUV or bigger - which is always better 😉 )

MONTENEGRO - Some Snippets, Edited To A Small Video

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