Miracle Or Serendipity? – The Water Vortex Experiment At The Equator

Miracle Or Serendipity? - The Water Vortex Experiment At The Equator

Scientists say, that it's just a coincidence in which direction the water rotates on the northern and southern hemisphere... is it a miracle or just an urban legend?

We made the experiment at the equator in Kenya [0° 0'0.05"S, 37° 4'13.67"E], when "Peter - The Teacher" showed us on the northern and southern hemisphere, what happens to the water, when it flows into a bucket.
He took a simple pan with a hole in the middle and placed a bucket on the northern hemisphere. He poured water into the pan and threw 2 matches into the water and it happened, what we all already knew: the water rotated clockwise.

Then he brought all the stuff to the southern hemisphere - just a few meters away - and did exactly the same experiment.
To our surprise the water rotated counterclockwise now.

We did this experiment twice with exactly the same results.

Coriolis Force?

Then Peter put the bucket directly onto the equator and it happened, what should happen to our understanding. The matches didn't rotate.

Rumors are that the pans might could have been be prepared and yes that could be true, but then Peter would have taken three different sets of pans.

Other guys on Youtube did the same experiment with the same results, whereas some of them indeed used different pans.

Along the equator such experiments still will be done, either in Uganda and Kongo, Equador etc. also with the same results.

OK... in most cases it should might happen, what we expect, but the so called Coriolis Force just isn't strong enough to force the water in a specific direction, at least in such a small area, scientists say.

Well... I'm not a scientist so I cannot judge, whether it's a miracle or an urban legend, but there seem to be a tendency, that the water changes its directions, if it flows on the southern or nothern hemisphere... who knows?

At least it's a nice experiment and a great entertainment 🙂

Watch Ewan Mc Gregor, doing the same experiment in Kenya

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