NEW MOVIE – “Natural Wonders – MOROCCO”

Morocco stands for adventures, great landscapes and the beginning of the Sahara desert. Millions of travelers are visiting this beautiful, north african country year over year and even we explored Morocco by our own for the very first time.
Away from all the tourism, we conquered the Grand Atlas mountain range in central Morocco, we drove the Tizi N'Tazazert trail and many others with our JEEP Wrangler, visited the Dades and Thodra gorges and spent romantic nights in oases, filled with millions of palms. Our highlight of course has been the Erg Chegaga desert (which is a predecessor of the Sahara...WOW! 🙂 )
We also met some offroaders, riding the dunes with their trucks or smaller offroad vehicles.

Morocco is worth a dozen visits and for sure, we'll come back...better prepared, with a better setup and with much more time.

December is a good time to travel to Morocco, the temperatures are between 14-18 degree in the lower heights, but in the Atlas they can decrease down to -8°.

If you`re blogger too and in need of a good internet connection, search for a "Maroc Telecom" shop in one of the bigger nothern cities like Tetouan, Meknes or Fes.
The unlimited internet (LTE) will cost you 20€ for one month (2016) and it works better, than we thought (and better than in germany... no joke :D)
Exception of course are the Atlas mountains, but even there ya'll get internet in some areas.

Our recommendations for a short visit of 14 days are:

.Grand Atlas and Anti Atlas
.Gorge Du Dades
.Gorge Du Thodra
.Erg Chegaga (the predecessor of the Sahara)

.Tizi N'Tazazert Trail
(only recommended for stronger cars, beginning with a SUV, better a real offroader)

Tipp for your ticket buy, if you wanna get a ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta:

At "Carlos" [36.17920, -5.44124] you will get your ferry tickets. They're preparing all the documents for you (fiches etc) and you can reserve your ferry for a desired day in advance. Time of departure doesn't matter, which is great!
The guys there are very friendly and helpfull and with some luck you'll get a cut in price.
(we paid 180€, instead of 190€ for 2 persons and our JEEP)

Tipp for not wasting your time at the border control

You will see many people standing at the border, asking you for your passports. They're wearing standard clothes and offer their help. DO NOT ASK THEM AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY OR YOUR PASSPORTS!
These guys are not official (even if they say) and we spoke to several officers at the border.
They definitely will steal your time and later on asking you for money (they are really penetrant!)
The Morocco border is a border like any other...just drive through like you would do anywhere else and you'll find your way. These guys are more disturbing than they would be of help and it costs much more of your time!
If you feel offended or bothered: speak to one of the officers and they will "get rid of them"

"Natural Wonders - MOROCCO"

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