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When it comes to long-distance-travels, you'll necessarily think about your setup and a bigger car. At first we had the desire. The desire has been followed by a wish and the wish has been followed by problems.

Since 4 months, we're thinking about a truck, rather than continuing our travels with our beloved JEEP Wrangler. The JEEP is great, indeed, but the longer the travels will be, the smaller the JEEP will get.

But what else car then? At first we thought about a 7.5T truck like a MAN 8.136, an Unimog 1300 UL, a Merc 1017 or something similar. The more we researched, the more we did see the one or other trap, regarding costs, buildup, fuel consumption, taxes and so on.

So we stepped back and decided to buy a 3.5 to 4.3 ton kinda truck, like an IVECO 40.10 4x4, a Bremach, Scam or a Merc Sprinter.

We found some great cars (well... they seemed to be great, but they weren't). We've sold our beloved Corvette and we're already preparing our JEEP for being sold, too.

But as time gone by, we always thought about, if it would be the right step into the right direction. And now we're not sure anymore.

Why all the hassles?

Because the new car will eat all our hardly saved money and the next step will be a huge one.

Burkhard Koch from Pistenkuh found all our questions quite interesting and gave us a platform for all our worries. (Unfortunatley my blog is in english, whereas Pistenkuh wrote in german... nevertheless... a good translator will do the job 😉 )

Follow up the (hopefully) upcoming discussion at Pistenkuh

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