CTEK In-Depth – A Deeper Introduction

CTEK Powermanagement

CTEK In-Depth | CTEK D250S Dual | Smartpass | MXS25

A while ago I wrote an article about our CTEK Powermanagement System in our JEEP Wrangler JKU. Since then many people asked, how it works, how it needs to be wired and what are the benefits over a simple cutt-off relay.

There's less information on the internet as expected for such a brand like CTEK and even the manuals aren't that easy to understand.

So I took my time to prepare an in-depth introduction with a nice 3D graphic of all the wiring.

In this exzessive updated article, you should find all needed information about the CTEK stuff now and you should be able to reproduce the wiring without problems.

Furthermore I've added two foldable solar panels to our "E-Rig", which finally grants us to stay totally self sufficient now.

As long as the car isn't just powered by electricity, I'm a big fan of this kind of "free" energy.

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