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Thilo Vogel is a real rooftop tent nomad, who lives fulltime and since 2015 in his Ford Mondeo with a rooftop tent. He is founder of the "Rooftop Tent Nomads" Facebook-Group and kicked off the very first "Rooftop Tent Nomads" meeting 2017.

We took part on this meeting, where many nomads saw my lil invention and were stunned about its functionality.

Reason enough for Thilo for asking me to write an in-depth article about this setup.

In this article (which is in german though), I'm talking about our reason for an auxiliary heater, the parts itself, as well as about how I sat up the whole thing.

Well... here we go 🙂

Thilo Vogel - Vogel Adventures - Dachzeltnomaden.com

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