In December 2018 we entered the western part of Argentina, driving all the way along the Andes up to the north for crossing then the Chilean border.

We "survived" lots of questionable adventures like potthole craters, a car fire, as well as Argentinas strong weather, winds, sands and dusts.

We entered Argentina at the Ruta 60, very close to Santiago De Chile and crossed the Andes until we finally left the civilisation for the next 2000 KM.
Fenny and me drove through massive salt-lakes, passed dozens of volcanoes, visited ancient Inca-sites, crossed huge deserts and needed to solve the "one or other little" problem.

We always stayed in the wild, never entered camping-sites - apart from the fact, that there just wasn't such along our way.

Again, this self-driven trip has been one of those "once in a lifetime" trips, we will never ever forget.

Las Cuevas, LAS CUEVAS, Mendoza, Argentina

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