No Facebook, No Instagram anymore
“All’s well that ends well”

… not only a comedy by Shakespeare, rather than a new start, with leaving Facebook and Instagram behind.

Since 1992 I’m “in”… “in the internet” or what formerly has been called “BBS” (bulletin board system). In that time we used so called acoustic couplers. Devices which have been placed onto the telephone receiver  and made very strange noises, when connecting.
So I pretty much can call myself a “Dinosaur of the new media world”

Aalen, Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Me In 1997... Looking Young, Being Creative, Becoming A Nerd

Since the beginning of Facebook I’ve been a highly active member and I just loved it to be connected with thousands of people around the globe. I found dozens of relatives, from which I didn’t hear anything for a couple of decades. I found hundreds of new friends and regained old colleagues. How great Facebook was!

But times changed… massively changed!
It’s an old and common saying, that “nothing is like years ago”. I do not like it so much, because every change brings us forward, gives us new impressions and makes life much more interesting.

But… as Jeremy Clarkson always used to say: There’s a problem!

Caño Negro, Tronadora, Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Inflation of information!

Visual and aural inflation of nearly everything attends us... every day, every minute and every single second. "Ads", "affiliates", "clickbaits", "spam" and "reCaptchas" are only a few of the new words, which are dominating our "online-life" nowadays.

Texts will be raped to the max, just for the sake of SEO (search engine optimization). Images will be pimped just for being attractive enough for Instagram or Facebook. Less really informative links, rather than those ones, which "call you to action"... buying, liking, sharing, following!

And Facebook is the biggest "data whore" under the cloak of informativeness. Not for being informative or social dedicated, rather than keeping the money machine rolling.

OK, Charles Darwin taught us, that "not the strongest will survive, rather than the most adaptable" and yes, that's true indeed.

But my adaptability has its limits.
Not that I wouldn't be able in terms of mental or cognitive capabilities, but I just do not wanna be the teat for all this moneymakers.

Facebook Datenkrake

Octopus image by freepik

Did you ever notice, why so many blogs or vlogs end with a question and that nearly every more or less bad or good blog-site is overfilled with keywords and "affiliate-links"?

The reason why I closed our site on Facebook is simple:
I - as an administrator - don't wanna be asked every single minute, if I wanna pay for adverts and I don't wanna get recommendations for assumable friends over and over again.
It's up to me to decide whether I wanna invite visitors to like my site or not and it's up to me how I wanna influence the people.

On the other hand, the bigger Facebook gets, the more complicated the administration of a site will be... and slower.

All this wasn't working for me. Everything's much too much, to slow, too predictable and too quantitative.

Instagram is a totally different story.

I guess, Instagrams philosophy is based on having maximum followers and not following others in reverse.

Once you start to upload photographs, you'll get followed by users who itself already got thousands of followers and - because your new followers probably have also some good stuff to show - you follow him.

A few hours later you'll get unfollowed by those ones you followed in reverse.
This is such a forth and back of following and unfollowing, that I really question the existence of this very strange platform.

Cape Of Good Hope - South Africa
So to answer my own question: Was it a tough decision?

I thought months about leaving Facebook and the very first step I did was deleting my private profile in 2018 - which of course was tough in the beginning.

But I learned to live very well without sharing too much private information and deleting my travelsite is just the next evolution for getting a bit more back to the roots.

No. It wasn't!
From now on, I've got much more time for and it's always bad, running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

That said, it's a good chance for a new start, even if I've got a tear in one eye and a smile in the other.

TRAVELcandies-On-Tour won't come with all of this.
No adverts, no affiliates, but true and usefull information. Written by Sonja and me, without senseless phrases and textblocks and not overflooded with keywords and SEO compatible nonsense.

And no: I won't ask you now, what your experiences are.
Comment if you wanna comment and let it, if you don't...
That's just it 🙂

Yours, T:K

Facebook Advertising Bullshitbingo

How much I got sick by permanently got bloated my newsfeed with this trash

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