POLARSTEPS – Follow Us, While We Are Traveling – No Facebook Needed!

As we're having many friends, which won't use facebook and as updating our wordpress blog takes a lot of time and data amount, we finally found a great solution. POLARSTEPS.

From the 12th of July 2020 on, POLARSTEPS will be our TRAVELdiary, as well as our TRAVELblog for our family, friends, colleagues and all our buddies from all over the world.

How does it work:

Our smartphone will be permanently tracking and saving our route and as soon, as we're back online, the trip data will be synchronized and our current position, as well as our activities will be displayed on an interactive map.

Here we'll upload our stories, images and videos and here you can follow us without the need of Facebook. How great is that?

So, I think, there's no POLARSTEPS account necessary, as I will be publishing our stories for the public, but once you got an account, you're able to comment and share, as well as you'll be updated as soon as there're news 🙂

That said: You're welcome to follow us for staying updated 🙂

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