Affiliate, Advertising And Sponsoring

We (Sonja & me) love to write and we love to entertain the people, but it takes so much time to handle a blog and from what I read from other bloggers, it's a 24/7 job. So in the near future, our blog will contain advertising... slowly, but surely.

But let me say something:
The one or other doesn't like all these advertising-stuff, including me. But probably the reasons are very diverse, either the blogger exaggerates with affiliate links, or the advert isn't according to the products on the bloggers site.

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We're totally beginners, regarding all this, so let me say "sorry" in the very first beginning. All the pages, which contain our private thinkings, our emotions and feelings, won't contain any affiliate links (links to other bloggers maybe, but no advertising!)
All other pages, like travel articles, photography- and camping equipment and so on, will get the one or other affiliate link or advertising banner.



It's just simple... we wanna earn a little bit money with the blog, even if we probably cannot spend 24/7 on it and even, if we don't wanna get rich with it! It is just not our case and would make our project somehow senseless.


Confidence Is The Key, Right?

We definitely advertise only products, which we definitely own and can highly recommend. We never would advertise something, which we never held in our hands. And if a product we bought is bullshit, we will talk about it and then we won't advertise it.
(...and we simply put so much effort and spirit into this blog, to destroy it in the very first beginning, only because of senseless advertising, which wouldn't give you any benefit)

Please be so kind and give us a hint, if something is totally crap with all the advert stuff, or if something is highly annoying. Let us know, what you guys think!


Advertising could be important for all of us!

On the other hand always think about the advantages of advertising, maybe behind the one or other link is a great product, which became pretty cheap a few hours ago. So lets see it like a "Win-Win", ok?

We really hope, that we get a good job done... with the blog and the advertising (seems to be pretty complex though)


Sponsoring And Donations

For our future plans, we're already seeking for sponsors and maybe will be asking for donations. But at the moment, we cannot talk about it, so stay tuned 😉


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