GPScandies – FREE Sample


This is a FREE GPS Sample Pack of some of the most beautiful places we visited so far.

The zip-archive contains all images in lower resolution, an Excel-file with clickable links and a short description about drivability, entrance fees and other useful information, as well as an overview-map, the according gpx-files (for ITN Converter, Route Converter, Locus Maps and many others) and a kml-file for Google Earth.
Additionally it includes a native file for Sygic (*rupi) and a native file for onboard navigation systems like Kenwood or Garmin.

The commercial packages will contain high resolution images and additinal GPS-Data of many hidden spots.

After purchase, you’ll get an email with a link to the downloadfile:
(2 MB)

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 GPS pack’n’track – FREE Sample

Whether you’re planning a self guided trip for you and your family, or if you just wanna explore a specific country on Google Earth. With a TRAVELcandies GPS pack’n’track you’ll get a nice package with lots of beautiful images in high resolution – ready for print – as well as dozens of GPS coordinates and/or tracks for the offroad or on road joy.

We’re giving tipps for the overnight stay, as well as route based tipps, like difficulty or recommended cars.

The containing data allows you to plan a nice route by yourself, without the need of booking an expensive tour. These data can be easily converted or directly transferred to your GPS devices. Whether for a smartphone app like Sygic or a Navigation system inside your car.
(Depends on the system)

You can follow the containing gps-track straight away or you can enhance it with your own waypoints.

Of course our GPS bundles aren’t 100% completely covering a country. They’re a just good starting point for at least seeing some of the best spots.

The sample data is free for use, but is containing lowres images and just a few gps coordinates, scattered over the whole globe.
The commercial data are based on a specific country and extensively bigger than the sample data.

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