Our Past Journeys Since 2005

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Past Journeys Since 2005 | 74 Destinations

Since 2005 we conquered more than 74 destinations and traveled more than 460.000 km, either by flight or by car.

One day Fenny (aka Sonja, I just call her Fenny most of the times, as she reminds me on a little fennec, which is kinda african desert fox with a small head and huge ears ;). Anyway... one day Fenny came home with a book called "1000 Places To See Before You Die - A Traveler's Life List". It's a huge piece of paperwork, a comprehensive labor of love from a girl, who obviously has seen a lot in her life.

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"1000 Places To See Before You Die"

I don't like paper so much, I'm more into that digital stuff, but the book reminded me on something wise men formerly said: You need goals in your life!

So why not defining this book as a kind of goal?
With this piece of hundreds of pages of paper, you can define your short term goals, as well as the middle and long termed ones.

From now on, we scrolled through the book, when we didn't know where to go, because the book always knows. Therefore it virtually has been our travel-bible for our past journeys and will be for our future trips.

Sonja doesn't like anything else more, than taking her highlighter and highlighting every place, we visited. This is obviously something, that seems to keep her alive between our travels, hahaha 🙂

No, really... I like that too.

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Old School Maps Meets Virtual Maps

I for myself like to work with virtual and interactive travel-maps.
At the moment I'm using TripAdvisor's "Cities I Visited", because it's implemented into Facebook and... Facebook I like too 🙂

Apart from the fact, that this lil' tool could be kinda annoying by asking you permanently, if you wanna invite friends (which I do not want!), I sometimes think, that it cheats.

Because a friend of mine came to me and proudly presented his travel-achievements by showing me his map, which wasn't from TripAdvisor (don't remember the name anymore). He traveled more than me, but his coverage has been much lower than mine.

I mean, I was pretty sure, that I never ever traveled to 56% of our planet, but the thought was nice somehow, to have been at so many places...(typically self-cheating... hmm... sounds strange somehow... is that the right saying in english? 😀 )

Anyway, I'm still using this map, as I'm too lazy to put all the millions of millions of destinations onto another map 😉

Does anyone of you work with a virtual map, too?
I'm still searching for a better one, which is precise and reliable for the next -lets say- 50 years.

D 80, Nonza, Haute-Corse, France
Real Adventures, Rather Than Handbag-Shopping In The  Middle Of Nowhere

On the following sites, I'll cover some places, where we've been. But hey... please don't expect fancy chronological enumeration by days. First, some of these trips are a few years ago and I just don't remember anymore and secondly, I find it boring and too pragmatic, to enumerate precisely what I've done at a specific time, when exactly I woke up and what I ate for breakfast 🙂

I just had much too much real adventures, which I wanna talk about and of course, shopping or eating caviar isn't part of what I really like to do.

So be prepared and look forward to read about our trips through Hawaii, where we nearly died or about my trip to New Zealand, where I nearly died or our first offroad adventure on Sicily, where we nearly... well... hahaha... you already know 🙂

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