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Le Pied du Col, Villar-d'Arêne, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Sonja and me are a 24/7 couple and dream team since almost 20 years. Since that time we live, love, work and travel together. And just to mention that - we should actually be called the inventors of the selfies. Since 18 years we're shooting ourselfs this way and we're just calling them "wirse". (It's a funny kinda "Jar-Jar Binks" pronounciation style )

We really cannot count anymore, how many people asked for helping us with shooting. We always declined, as we are used to shoot ourselves this way.

If we're finding a nice place, one of us is shouting to the other: "Wirseee", so we know, what to do.

Sierra Alhamilla, Sierra Alhamilla, Andalucia, Spain
Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, Arizona, Vereinigte Staaten

We're traveling since 2005 and one day I got the idea to ask Fenny (Sonja), if she wanna marry me. I made her my proposal at the Grand Canyon and asked her. (Of course I did it a bit more romantic 😉 )

jo... and then there was silence... a long one... and I felt somehow sheepish.
But then *strike* she said "yes", so we got married 3 days later in the Belleza Chapel, Paradise Road in Las Vegas. Before the trip I organized everything, from the rings, the dress, to the shoes and all the paper work.

Meanwhile we are a well-oiled team, we share the same thoughts, dreams, ideas and hobbies. We are loving life and trying to conquer the world our way.

We're not the beach-guys, party-dudes or campsite-crushers, but we always try to get as far away from civilisation as possible. We just love it being alone or with just a few good friends.

Cap Blanc, Saint-Philippe, Réunion, Réunion
Where Does  "TRAVELcandies" Come From?

Our workflow when coming back from our journey is, to sort out the best images. Aftewards we always sort them out again and call them "Best Of The Best". I found this name kinda unsexy, so I began with the wording.

Traveling is so important to us, that I wanted to capitalize the word "travel". "candies" are in general very tiny, so I wanted to write it lowercase... "TRAVELcandies".

"TRAVELcandies" has been born.


I registered a domain and developed a personal "Best-Of-The-Best" gallery, kinda compendium of the nicest of our photographs. (The one or other has been already featured in the National Geographic magazine )

Meanwhile on TRAVELcandies.com there are more than 6000 images, every single one with the full EXIF-data. In conclusion they contain GPS, location-names as well as camera-information.


Pointe aux Canonniers, , Pamplemousses, Mauritius
Dream Team Wants To Go Offroad

Over time, ourselves have further developed and increasingly checked out the unknown.
My claim as a photographer always is to find locations, which aren't wellknown by the common tourism. With our current cars and rental cars, it always has been a hard task. So we decided, that we needed something more strong and bought a Volkswagen T4.
Suddenly everything went better, we increased our experiences and our photographs have become much nicer... we liked that.

But we also got even braver, curious and more sophisticated. Our goal grew and we needed a true "rocker", because we wanted to try to totally get away from the main streets.

In this case we sold our "Bulli" (T4) again and bought a JEEP Wrangler JK. A Wrangler drives really bad on normal roads, but even better on the bad ones... perfect for our needs.

The first journey with "JEEPetto" (which is his name) was spectacular and we thought: THAT's the right toy for us.

"Off the beaten track"... nothing's too narrow, too small, too steep or whatever... nothing's too dangerous (of course it is...but we're still trying ), it's a completely new wayalife.

Eclause, Salbertrand, Piemonte, Italy
Mafatte, Trois-Bassins, Réunion, Réunion
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We Live To Travel And We Travel To Live

With all the overlanding and traveling experience, our relationship to other like-minded grew. We read so many articles about traveling the world, that we got a crazy idea, we wanna talk about later. (We still need to get married to this thoughts)

Definitely the travel-life became a real addiction and we want you to participate on that addiction.
In this blog we'll introduce you to our trips, we'll support you with tipps and tricks about traveling, camping in the wild, photographing and we wanna show you the best places on earth (we just need to find them)

With our next trips we truly wanna blog and publish videos... maybe every day or every few days, as well as we're planning to use 360° cameras for the full immersive entertainment.

There will be much introductions and tipps about our equipment, DIY tutorials and we wanna share all our tracked routes with you, so we wanna generate downloadable GPX-files.

Paulenca, Paulenca, Andalucia, Spain

And if we're getting real bloggers, travelers or globetrotters sometime, maybe I'll try to write a book, but this is a future-thing.

Anyway we wish you lots of fun with our blog and if you have any suggestions, overlanding tips or whatever, just let us know and please -> comment... this is what a real blog is made of, right?
And please, dont't hesitate to tell us, if something is totally bullshit or if something needs to be enhanced or whatever, we're appreciating every useful comment!

Stay tuned, have lots of fun with our blog and see, how far it'll bring us 🙂

Thorsten & Sonja

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  1. Manuela 11/16/2016 Reply

    Euch beiden,sieht man die *leidenschaft* so richtig an (y)

    • TiKay 12/04/2016 Reply

      Vielen Dank, Manu…genau so soll es auch sein…hoffe, das sehen andere auch so 🙂

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