Huhuuu... I'm Fenny (aka Sonja)

74 is not enough!!

After traveling 74 destinations on earth, you might possibly think, that’s a lot! Well, some online statistics will tell you then: „Congratulations! You have explored 37% of the earth already“. Now that I’m (na...women don't talk about their age, right?) for me this is no reason to party – 37%! This has to be increased enormously 🙂

As an educated Advertising Manager and Project Manager in the 3D- and advertising industry, traveling helps me find balance against the stresses of the workaday life.

I consider myself happy to have a husband with the same passions and fervor. We are a 24/7 couple and while traveling, we are enjoying every mile together.
Together - Forever ! 🙂

"The World Is Round And I Want To See Every Corner"

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  1. TiKay 01/11/2016 Reply

    Das hatte ich auch vorher, wusste nur net, ob du’s magst….also…ich mag’s 🙂

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