Hey... it's me, "Totti"

Wallhausen, Wallhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

"...there's a lot more about me than people think.
I'm like an onion... I'm not stinky, but I have layers..."

This is, what Shrek said at a time, while I worked in the film business as a so called 3D-/VFX Artist.
Because I spent my life with highly visual and creative stuff since 1989, I never found the time to travel... until 2005.

I'm an educated aircraft-mechanic and spent 8 years in the german airforce. I studied graphic design and film- and communicational design and worked as a cinematographer and photographer.
So one could probably say, that I have lots of layers 🙂

Photography is my greatest passion, as well as traveling and exploring the beauty of mother earth.

I`ve already seen a lot, but there's still so much more to see. It's my destiny to find out, what it is... no matter what! 🙂

"nihil est in intellectu quod non antea fuerit in sensu" (Aristotle)

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  1. Bernard 19/10/2018 Reply

    I have read your experience about the CTEK 250S & SMARTPASS with solar towards the battery and other solar Polaroid towards the battery. Can I use a solar set up in the roof like 2x grape solar 180w (360w). If you could answer it for me that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day

    • TiKay 19/10/2018 Reply

      Hello Bernard.
      Of course you can use any other solar module, as long as it won’t exceed the CTEKs specification and it doesn’t matter, how many you are using.
      Your solar module does not need a mppt-charge controller or something like this. You just need to connect the module(s) to the CTEK and the CTEK does the rest. Have a great day, too.

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